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We build dazzling brands.

Dazz Media is an award-winning full service agency run by a team of truly eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) humans. We do the hard work so you can go back to what you're best at.

puffin you up. 

puffin you up. 

puffin you up. 

puffin you up. 

puffin you up. 

puffin you up. 

What We Do

graphic design

Designing a captivating logo for a phenomenal first impression and the consistency of graphics to embody your brand.

branding + social

We optimize all of your social media assets and monitor and strategize for maintaining an excellent online reputation.

website design

We create a user-friendly, appealing and EASY to navigate website to impress. (and SEO Optimized for Google too!)

content creation

Professional direction and editing to portray your professional image. Unique motion graphics, animation & storytelling in a super creative way!

digital marketing

You have to go where your customers are! We create paid campaigns that drive traffic, raise awareness, and/or bring in revenue.

Dazzling designs

stellar sites

attract attention

Working with Damian and Dazz Media has been an integral part of the growth of my company. Having someone specialized and focused on building my brand has allowed me to continue to focus on other areas of my business. The partnership has led to an increase in revenue brought to our clients, as well as an increase in the satisfaction of our employees. Using Dazz Media has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Melissa BoyerCEO at Pearl & Hoyt

Our productivity has noticably gone up since implementing the platform. We are now able to dedicate more time on our products while having the peace of mind that our customer experience has improved.

Caitlin JohnsonOrganizational Consultant

Dazz Media has been such an incredible team work with. Everyone offers their own area of expertise that creates an overall intricate weave of skill sets and knowledge that enhances their ability to provide the best solutions. Their communication is excellent. They are extremely creative, tech savvy and also customer-centric which ensures that each client's unique needs are fully realized. We are so happy to have found them and look forward to continuing to grow together.

Katharine VeronCEO + Founder of Atlas Consulting Group

Full of hard working people with an innovative vision and a passion to succeed!

Zak ReidCTO at Talem & Plum
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