Unfortunately, the gender gap in China is quite literal as well as societal. While hardly mentioned in high-profile discussions of sexism and gender inequality, family law and family courts support enormous and oppressive gender inequalities. father works while the mother stays at home) that does not give her any more parental rights than the father and vice versa. Going back to times such as the 1970s, it is well noted that even then gender inequality was quite rampant. you Is there a way someone can review my evaluation and screen for unethical practices? In this study, I examined gender differences in the consequences of divorce by tracing annual change in 20 outcome measures covering four domains: economic, housing and domestic, health and well-being, and social. Sole custody—where one parent shoulders the majority of responsibility for the children—is the norm in the United States, and women are awarded sole custody in 80% of such cases. From 1993 to 2007, about five mothers had child custody for every father with child custody. Not only living situation wise, but women who don’t have a stable source of income are often not seen as a problem in the eyes of the court. Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is. Under the family code of 1984, a woman has custody of a son until he reaches the age of 16 and a daughter until she turns 18 or marries, whichever happens first. Some 1 in 20 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 – around 13 million – have experienced forced sex. Today, fathers are less likely to win custody of their children; resulting in court and legal fees that the mothers do not have to pay. Although in the past decade there has been an increase in equal residential custody, mothers are still much more likely to be awarded primary residential care. Unfortunately, this is not the case; there is sometimes an inequality when it comes to custody rights. In court cases about child custody, is where many memebers of society believes gender inequality exist dramatically. This quote is important because if it’s known and documented of a clear gender bias, why hasn’t the Supreme Court stepped in and introduced better legislation and guidelines to prevent further bias? And while a bias against men in child custody cases has been around for decades, let’s explain why this is happening from a legal perspective. Part One: show the court a legitimate reason to move. Throughout history, gender stereotypes have played a key role in child custody dispositions. Stemming from the traditional nuclear families of the 1960s where the father worked to support the family financially and the mother filled the role of homemaker, … Many perceive th rulings to be very unfair and not right. Thanks to these factors, the gender inequality issue has been reduced, but not always eliminated. Part II will discuss the cultural foundation from which the family law derives to highlight the incompatibility between Confucian ideals and gender equality. Waves of social change have rolled over America in the last few decades. Some 1 in 20 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 – around 13 million – have experienced forced sex. Here at the Psychological Center for Expert Evaluations, Inc., we’re often retained by attorneys and clients who feel their evaluation misrepresented them or was unethically performed. The problem isn’t that they refuse to acknowledge it, the problem is it’s acknowledged and yet nothing is done about it today. No one should undergo gender inequality in the workplace. is where men get overlooked in quality. There are also a few things that need to be addressed regarding the quote. Men are discriminated to child custody because of stereotype-based beliefs. If a mother was a primary caretaker of the child (i.e. Gender inequality in child custody cases has been happening since custody hearings were created. This inequality is greatly harming children. Note- After reaching seven years of age, in the case of dispute, considering the best interest of the child, the court will decide who receives custody of the child.” Who Receives Child Support? With all these legal fees the father will also have to pay for any attorney fees; and for the attorney themselves. In a perfect world, all parents would retain custody of their children after a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. This one event in a person’s life could result in the rest of their life being ruined.

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