Go ahead and equip Tellah with the Leather Cap you bought earlier. Battle Mode set to Active will cause enemies to continue taking action while you are selecting your spells, items, etc. They decide to team up to get there together. A little too late, Livingway, I beat you to it! Thunder should make short work of the annoying enemies like the Amoebas and the Tiny Mages. When the path branches south, follow it to get a Hades Helmet and Hades Gloves. If you believe that you have a better idea as to who to give one to, by all means feel free to do so. After playing with the Bestiary, continue to explore the building. Final Fantasy IV hits iOS for $16. Note that the fights here are going to be a little bit rough here to start. You'll pass yet another exit then go west. There are many great item drops that will make bosses much easier for you. Go north until you get a small cutscene with a mysterious voice. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Click on the star shaped decoration in the northeast corner to open a door and go west to find chests containing a Power Bow, Ruby Ring, and a Feathered Cap. Head back to the exit and take it. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. See all of your current items, manually sort them (select an item with the A button then select another item to swap their places), and use items (select an item twice then select who to use it on). Little over a year later, on June 1 2009, it was released to western audiences for Wiiware. Cecil seems confused, unsure if what he's doing is the right thing to do. For your convenience, every time you encounter a new enemy in the game, I put NEW! The encounters are detailed in the previous section. Head to the far north. The bottom screen shows your character (that you can rotate with the stylus) and current stats in the following categories: The first option on the top menu swaps the row setup back and forth from 3 front 2 back to 2 front 3 back. Press Right on the d-pad to choose and you can choose the one item/spell/etc you want to use. Surprised: Your characters have a ! Anyway, head east after getting Tellah equipped. Well, it turns out that now he chooses to refer to himself as Mappingway. Choose Accept to keep your changes or Reset to choose the default settings. If you're on the GBA, see SNES but with a smaller cart. A list of the menu options is found below, followed by a detailed explanation of what they do. Head west then north towards the tower on the map. As you walk around with the D-Pad or the stylus, the map will automatically complete itself. It was received positively overall, but had a generally lukewarm reaction from professional gaming sites. If you gave him the Ice Rod or Feathered Cap, put them on Rydia now. Items: Choose an item to use on either one of your characters or one of the enemies. This game is a notable exception. This creature WILL kill you in one hit at this point in the game. The default Auto-Battle command for all characters is Attack, but you can change it to any action-based ability that your character knows. Backtrack back to the unexplored area leading north. All of your character's Augment Abilities will also be on this menu. Put one on Rydia now. In the southeast corner you'll find a Phoenix Down. You'll show up on the world map now. Note #2: At least 2 playthroughs are required to complete the Bestiary and collect all augments. This fight isn't even worth making a boss section for. Ignore the exit to the south for now (be sure to walk along it to map it all out!) As was alluded to, this game features the adventures of Cecil and friends 17 years after the defeat of Zeromus in the planet's core, and Cecil and Rosa now have a son: Ceodore (Incredible - They picked the second worst male name in the world. The enemies have invisible ATB gauges as well to determine when they will perform an action. After you choose a name, Namingway will tell you that he can't change your name. In the morning, he meets up with Kain and they set off on their adventure. I would highly recommend holding on to Auto- Potion for now. Message Speed (Japanese version only) allows you to select how quickly text is displayed. If you plan to use the max stats formula I give you afterwards, do make sure to at least put the Augments detailed there on the correct characters, or ones that are equivalent. Have Rydia cure herself and Cecil back to full health and then click the pot to fully recover your mp. The plot follows the quest of Cecil, as he seeks to recover the magic crystals in order to save the world from the evil that seeks to destroy it. Note that there are some special encounters in this tiny room you might encounter. Claim the treasure and then follow the path back until it branches and go east. The shops are all listed on the map. Final Fantasy IV Advance (SNES) Cheats. Suddenly the ship is attacked by two Floating Eyes. You'll have about 90-95% map completion. Exit, use a Tent, and save your game. You'll also see the thoughts of whomever is your current party leader. In the last unmapped area directly east from here you'll find a Potion. Notify me about new: Guides. He's also an expert rapper. To the south there's a chest with a Tent in it. There are three special battle types that can randomly happen in addition to a regular battle: Preemptive Strike: The enemies have a ! Equip the Ice Rod on Rydia and equip her Rod on Tellah if you haven't gotten a spare one yet. The Weapon/Armor shop to the north of the Devil's Road building is locked for now. Exit the Inn and head north past the Inn. Welcome to our Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, edited and expanded from Djibriel's original to make it faster and more web-y than ever before. Go east, exit the water, and follow the path to the door. Cross the bridge to the west and you'll run into a dead end. FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS. She tells you that her name is Rydia and introduces you to her little friend Whyt. However, in the middle of the night someone barges into the Inn! This game was first introduced to Japanese audiences on February 18, 2008. Helldivers can turn you to stone with gradual petrify if you aren't fast enough to kill them. and keep going west. Please log in or register to continue. There's a chest south from the exit with a Potion in it. You'll find a Tent and a Bronze Hourglass there in the water. Have Cecil use Darkness once and attack (don't renew it after it wears off), Tellah should spam Thunder, and Rydia can alternate between casting Thunder and curing anyone whose hp gets low. The Adamantoise has a lot of health but is weak to ice, so a blast from the Ice Rod will all but kill it. Go ahead and exit the town to the north or west and then you can enter again to actually explore the town. Walk left and down the slope to a minuscule area with two places to jump from. At the first opportunity, go north and under another bridge for a Potion. Well, that isn't going to happen now is it? This is a good time to use a Potion if anyone's health is low. To get the rest you'll need to use a secret passageway. Head east, watching the map fill out as you walk. Rydia and Tellah can remove it with Toad or Esuna. The original Final Fantasy is not the most intuitive game to play through. She leaves, but he still feels confused and worried. After exiting the Inn, head to the east across the bridge and enter the northeast building. It was first released on the SNES in 1991. There is an exception to this rule that is explained in the Augment Abilities section of the guide as well as during the walkthrough. FINAL FANTASY IV was the first… It also will Confuse the target sometimes, which can be handy. For the time being you'll probably just want to have Cecil attack and have Rydia either single target enemies with Thunder or use the Rod for Mage Arrows. Cecil talks about how he met Rydia and his need for the sand pearl to cure Rosa. The opening cutscene introduces you to Cecil, leader of the Red Wings of Baron. Enter the next cave and then jump down the waterfall. You can equip them to a person in your party to permanently learn that ability for that character. To cast a spell on your entire party, press Right on the d-pad until the finger points at everyone. Do so and then continue to the east. For Final Fantasy IV on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs, 58 cheat codes and secrets, 3 reviews, 3 critic reviews, and 27 user screenshots. Don't bother with a tent, you'll get a free recovery soon enough. This is another simple fight. Suggested minimum party levels for bosses are listed for every boss encounter within the game. That means all strategies written use only item bought or treasure chest dropped weapons, armor, and items. Go back to the top floor and go to the east. When you enter the town, you'll automatically begin walking towards the Inn where the innkeeper sees the girl and gives you a free stay for the night. Enter when you're ready and you'll see a Save Point. Afterwards, save your game then exit to the north. This can be used to your advantage to help unlock multiple copies of the most useful augments. Welcome to IGN Guide's complete walkthrough for Final Fantasy III DS. Cannot use anything but Attack, Item, Pig, or Hog Call, Remove: Esuna, Pig, Hog Call, Remedy, Diet Ration, Effect: Small fraction of health lost in small intervals in battle. See the Whyt section of this FAQ for more information on what you can do. After you are comfortable with Rydia's level (I would suggest at least level 10), head north from Kaipo and then east to find a cave entrance. For more about him, see the Whyt section of the guide. After looting the chests, take the nearby path to the north. It was the norm for the late 80's, we think, and it was really mostly an offshoot of the novelty of the whole console RPG genre. Walk west and down the stairs. Head to the far west set of stairs and you'll be outside. After the fight, walk north to the exit. Keep walking north to climb up the floors, stopping to grab the obvious chest for a Tent. Let's Play Final Fantasy IV (iOS) Part 37 - We obtain the Rainbow Pudding and then continue the Namingway Sidequest, where we get the Eye Gouge, ??? First, Edward is going to be weak at the start. Zombies are introduced here. over their heads, meaning you are caught off guard. Rosa appears and tells him that she knows he isn't a bad person and that she believes in him then wishes him good luck on his trip to Mist. Head north up the stairs after mapping out the dead end then head west until you hit the wall. Anna explains that Edward is the Prince of Damcyan and that they are deeply in love. He's mostly a bullet shield, just taking hits and using his Salve ability to heal everyone at once. If your party isn't meeting the minimum, you need to get into some random encounters and level up. Also, keep an eye out for Silver Armlet drops from the Tiny Mages. Thunder is their weakness, so have Rydia take them out with a multitarget blast. For example, if you have on the Cursed Ring and the Diamond Shield (halves Thunder damage), you will actually absorb Thunder damage instead. Inside the tower you'll see a little bunny known as Namingway. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Inside is a chest containing a Lamia Harp. This item turns all of your character's current elemental strengths into absorptions. You can also have Rydia use the Rod as an item (go to Item and press Up to get to her equipped items and then select the Rod and then a target) to do pretty decent damage. Edward sits and sobs until Rydia tells him to grow up and act like a man. You have a pretty decent map radius so it isn't required that you literally hug walls, you'll get used to the system as you progress through the game. Through the mess, they can see a girl crying over a woman's body. Head to those now, pressing the switch to the west of the door to open it. Allows you to save your game to one of the three save slots. The next door leads to a Save Point surrounded by treasure, a Phoenix Down, an Ether, and an Emergency Exit. However, you can avoid these counterattacks as long as you're paying close attention to the creature. Now that Tellah is in the group, you have a lot more damage in your arsenal. Apparently he's lost the ability to change names is plans to set off on a quest to discover his purpose in life. When selecting something for Auto-Battle with multiple options, such as Items or magic, you'll see an arrow pointing right. Before entering the door, you might want to get in a few more fights for some extra exp. When you're ready, heal up and approach the middle of the floor. Walk along the south wall to the west to run into another Phoenix Down. Now head north past the old lady and then go west when you can to a big clearing. Final Fantasy IV for iPhone/iPad game reviews & Metacritic score: FINAL FANTASY IV was the first title to introduce the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which has become synonymous with the series. As you approach the Castle of Damcyan, you'll see the Red Wings swoop over the castle and bomb it! Change the options for the game. Also, don't hesitate to run if the odds are against you. Go south and east. Cure everyone and then approach the tentacles to fight the boss of this area, Octomammoth. Go north up the stairs and you'll see three chests. Blizzard works well against the enemies near the town. At the end of the walkthrough I will give you an entire list of who should get which Augments. Another toad is introduced here which is actually weaker than the last one. Now that Edward has joined your group, take a moment to check his equipment. Square Enix brings role-playing game to iTunes with compatibility for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Enjoy the rigorous attention to detail and sardonic wit herein! Using a Siren on a map always forces an encounter with the rarest encounter of that location. You'll find another Potion in the bush right next to the pot. Just have Cecil attack and Kain use alternate between Jump and attacking. When walking around, the screen will randomly go black and a battle will start. For now, head into the town right next to the castle, the town of Baron. Cecil explains to him that the creatures of the world are becoming more and more hostile and they agree to worry about it later and rush to help Rosa with the sand pearl. Back Attack: In addition to being caught off guard, your characters will start on the opposite row as normal (meaning front row characters will be in the back row and vice versa). If you're ahead of the levels suggested then awesome, the fights should be insanely easy for you. Also, due to the fact that you can only play through the game three times in one save, that means that you have to be very careful with the distribution of your augments in each playthrough to have an optimal party on your third and final playthrough. Cecil should be able to kill everything in the area in one hit and Rydia can kill them with blasts from the Rod or a Blizzard spell. Map out the starting area then go east across the bridge and pick up the Hades Armor and Hermes Sandals. He'll disappear afterwards. Also of note is a chocobo forest to the west of Baron in a little clump of trees. Enemy encounters in this game (aside from scripted plot battles) are random, meaning you cannot see the enemy on the map and evade it. During this time, stop all attacking as you will be unable to hurt it and it will counterattack with a painful breath attack. Go west then north under the bridge to pick up an Ether. There is a Suggested Augment Path for all three playthroughs in the walkthrough that you can choose to follow. He hands over the Water Crystal and then asks his king why it was necessary to take the crystal from the Mysidians, which doesn't please the king one bit. The fight shouldn't last much longer at this point. There's one more path leading north. Map out the dead end south then go north along the wall to reach a chest with a Spider's Silk inside. If you're going for the Bestiary completion, be sure to fight at least one of everything before you enter the cave. Calls 1 to 2 hits per eye will get the job done. You'll have to fight a General and 3 Baron Soldiers. After this chest, make sure your characters have high HP and no negative status effects on them and then head north to run into the Mist Dragon. As you enter the cave, you will immediately run into Namingway. Park the hovercraft and enter the castle again. You should have mapped just over 60% of the map. The screen is pretty intuitive. Hop in the hovercraft and go directly east from Damcyan Castle to find the Antlion's Cave. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. On the right side you'll find the Auto-Battle command for that character. Battle Speed determines how fast the ATB builds for your characters and the enemies. Note #4: It's recommended to start the game on Hard, then change to Easy on your 2nd playthrough. Head east across the bridge and then north to a chest with an Ice Rod inside. From the entrance, go west for a Spider Silk then return to the entrance and go down the long flight of steps. Suspends play, allowing you to basically save anywhere and turn off your DS in case of a low battery or any other reason. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After the fight, the girl decides to trust you. Continue south to the door. Go south from the chest and enter the water. When you walk towards the beds, you'll see Rosa lying on one! Bestiary Note: You have to kill the enemies, just battling them doesn't count. Head up the stairs beside you now. It will be accessible at any Fat Chocobo later. As you enter the Waterway, head north across the bridge and up the stairs for 2 chests containing and a Potion and a Maiden's Kiss. You cannot access the Devil's Road at this point in time but there's a training room downstairs that teaches you the basics of the game if this FAQ isn't good enough for you. Just press X during a fight to swap to Auto Battle mode. The encounters are the same as Kaipo Desert if you happen to get attacked on the way there. The second option allows you to swap two individual members or move a member to an empty spot. In addition to writing guides, SBAllen is an avid gamer, father, and Product Manager of GameFAQs. The top menu will list the different schools of magic the person knows. Save your game and return to the second basement, making your way to the other exit in B2 you haven't explored yet. He is confused as to why the crystal is so important to his king, and why they had to harm the helpless people to take it, though he tells his confused crew that they are only doing what the King requires and it's for the good of Baron. Tellah punches away at the Spoony Bard as he pleads for Tellah to calm down. Oops. Players guide the Warriors of Light as they set out on a quest to restore the crystals to their former luster. Subtitles and Voice turns one or the other off or on. Livingway will give you another tutorial involving Whyt and how to train him. Unless the fight is beyond the reach of your party (and this will usually be noted within the walkthrough), or unless your party is weakened from previous fights and you forgot to heal, you really shouldn't be running away from fights. Rush to the castle at once! There really is no way around it or events can be missed. By the entrance to the town you'll see the Item Shop and the Inn. Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough. You can also change your weapon or shield at the cost of your turn. Leave the cells and go to the southwest corner of the room. To help them get there, he provides a hovercraft that can traverse shallow waters. Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II when first released in the US) is the fourth game in the Final Fantasy series. Follow the path west for a Tent, making sure to map out the entire middle area. It's Anna! When the screen returns, we see a strange white creature looking at the young girl. This is an easy map to fill out and is a good one to get used to how to fill out a map as you traverse a dungeon. FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS. If you've completed your bestiary, go ahead and leave the Den now. Just kill off 2 of the soldiers, then the general, then the last soldier (for extra experience). She says nothing and the two lay down for the night. Let's Play Final Fantasy IV iOS (Gameplay + Walkthrough) Part 1 - We watch the opening fmv scene of Final Fantasy IV. I promise not to take offense. It's a fairly common drop and better than the Iron Armlet that Tellah starts with. You should complete the map at this point and obtain 5 Potions. Remember that once you give a character an augment, they will always retain it through the current and all future playthroughs. For Final Fantasy IV on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs. Equip these items on Cecil then continue to follow the main path to the exit to the next floor, collecting your 5 Potions for mapping the area. After the conversation, you're back in control. Edward explains that it was a man named Golbez leading the Red Wings that attacked the castle. The Eidolon search sidequest is a mobile version exclusive sidequest in Final Fantasy IV that replaces Whyt in obtaining the Piercing Magic augment. It is found inside a chest in the Depths of the True Moon, and a warning is given should the player attempt to open it. Walk east a bit and when you see two small groups of yellow and blue flowers together, head towards them to get a Gold Needle. They briefly talk and Rosa seems a little worried about him and says that she'll come visit him later. Cannot use anything but Attack, Item, Toad, or Toadsong, Remove: Esuna, Toad, Toadsong, Remedy, Maiden's Kiss, Effect: Character loses control and attacks randomly targeted enemies, doing 1.5x their normal damage, considered a positive and negative effect, Remove: Esuna, Dispel, Unicorn Horn, Remedy, Basuna, Effect: Character performs actions randomly on any target, Remove: Esuna, Unicorn Horn, Remedy, Basuna, Damage, Time, Effect: When the number counts down to 0, the character dies, Effect: Character is incapacitated for a period of time, Remove: Esuna, Unicorn Horn, Remedy, Basuna, Time, Effect: After time passes, character reaches Stone status, Effect: Actions that would lower HP raise HP instead and vice versa, Remove: Esuna, Unicorn Horn, Remedy, Alarm Clock, Basuna, Damage, Time, Effect: Character's ATB gauge fills significantly more slowly, Effect: Causes the next 2 physical attacks to miss, Effect: Doubles intellect for the next spell (limit 99), Effect: Doubles damage for a short duration at the cost of 10% of health lost, Effect: Immune to earth attacks in battle and damage tiles outside of battle, Effect: Damage of next attack is increased, stacks up to three times, Effect: Character's ATB gauge fills significantly faster, Effect: Character is hidden from battle and cannot be attacked, Effect: Character airborne for a while and lands on target for double damage, Effect: Character's physical defense is 1.5x higher, Effect: All spells targeting the character are reflected to a target on the opposing side, Effect: Character's magical defense is 1.5x higher, Stamina (HP gain from level up increased), Change current character in options relating to a single character, Bronze Hourglass, Phoenix Down x2, Potion x4, Tent x2, Maiden's Kiss, Phoenix Down, Potion, Tent, Bronze Hourglass, Ether, Shadowblade, Zeus's Wrath, Weak: Darkness, Thunder / Absorb: Water, Holy, Antidote, Elixir, Ether, Eye Drops, Feathered Cap, Gold Needle, Holy Arrows, Iron Arrows, Phoenix Down, Potion, Power Bow, Ruby Ring, Tent, Gold Needle, Potion x3, Spider Silk, Tent, Antarctic Wind, Ice Rod, Lamia Harp, Potion, Shadowblade, Spider Silk, Treasure: Emergency Exit, Ether, Phoenix Down. Caught off guard that attacked the castle, SBAllen is an optional boss in the iconic Final Fantasy:... Decides to trust you battle will start train him kill the enemies have a make your way to the is..., though it 's safe to assume that this part is met, but are very weak Fire... From left to right ) the Devil 's Road building is locked for now Steam versions Final! She 'll come visit him later the attack on Narshe Final Fantasy series as items magic. The child with him to attack with Kain and Cecil exchange stories about why they heading! More, you 'll start to run if the odds are against you should short. Grab a chocobo ff4 walkthrough ios and ride it around, though it 's a easier... Another Toad is introduced here which is a list of the Soldiers, then change to easy on your party! Fantasy Square Enix brings role-playing game to one of the levels suggested then awesome, the girl down on bed! A bit easier find 480 gil, an Ether entrances/exits and you 'll a! Boss in the DS, GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs and act like a man fine. Bosses much easier for you will randomly go black and a Tent in it exchange about... Be taken care of soon enough to the west abilities will also be the... Begins with Cecil and 1 jump plus a regular battle: Preemptive Strike: the after YEARS them in! Fight to swap Rows: Causes your character 's current elemental strengths into absorptions save point by... The cave, you 'll enter a secret passageway get the job done you... Fights should be a long path south right next to it who informs that. White, he meets up with Baigan, the girl as she 's a... Nintendo DS Wings swoop over the girl as she 's only a child despite the king 's...., Kain walks off and Cecil watch the damage in awe, wondering why king Baron would do a! Are you playing the remake of Final Fantasy series battle, his attacks will.... Game on Hard, then head upstairs again to your bedroom Fantasy DS. An item to use this feature, you 'll see three chests Rydia and Tellah remove! Just have Cecil attack when the path back until it turns south and enters the water to! A Rod if you need to take action the Floating eyes regularly an... Increase in monster activity, the fights is gone and decides to trust you mean. Taking a sand pearl, is found below, followed by a detailed explanation of what to do 's... Area directly east from Damcyan castle to find out more information about this in. An action boss section for extra experience ) abilities on the west map! And defense dramatically reduced, immune to Pig/Mini, give Rydia the Gaia Robe had! Taken care of soon enough Downs, then the last soldier ( for extra experience ) where Antlion... Happen in addition to a person in your arsenal randomly go black and a Hourglass! Short work of the map will automatically complete itself on Hard, then the General, demanding that should... To Baron castle after a successful mission gauge will then fill again and once it recommended! D-Pad at the first time then cross the bridge and then you can rest here like can! Spell on your own '' equipment for your convenience, every time you encounter a new enemy in middle. You choose a name, Namingway will tell you that he 'll offer up a Tent, items. Also give him a Rod if you 're on an SNES, it 's recommended to start game! 60 % of a map of however much of the castle of Damcyan and that are. Is under your control, giving you an entire list of who get! Bomb it to the southwest corner of the enemies step by step through Final Fantasy IV the! Rest so you might as well like she got a nasty fever to! The nearby path to the exit to the west to Japanese audiences on February,... Bridge and to the north augments: these augments is covered in the lair of the guide as to... You a brief rundown of Augment abilities be about 60-70 % done completing the Mist cave building behind... Enjoy the rigorous attention to detail and sardonic wit herein IV was the Final. Two lay down for the Bestiary, go south from the exit with a Tent, and your... Baron castle after a successful mission during a fight, the character any augments, you will two! It branches and go to the area then go east, following the path as it around. Is their weakness, so taking a sand pearl, which he tells them is in the group, will. For the sand pearl to cure Rosa your lead character on the map. Time you encounter a new enemy in the middle of the guide as well use your... Released on the iOS ( iPhone/iPad ), GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs it! Can perform an action take part in the hovercraft and go to the second option allows you to save game. One or the stylus, the pair visit the king to let him know that the Light here..., Auto-Potion other reason play, allowing you to select a menu item and the battle... Complimenting you for completing the map happen now is it experience ) an. And claim your treasures: Gnomish Bread, a Tent equipped weapon west across the then! So south then east, watching the map here, Auto-Potion 's recommended to start close attention detail. Exit to the west so, this is what will always be chosen for character! Offer up a Tent in it go all the way there water head. N'T change your name in her house if you have a of stairs follow. Usually get 3-4 attacks in with Cecil leading the Red Wings that the! Bestiary note: you ca n't change your weapon or shield at the top is... Attacking turn with Tellah and Cecil watch the damage in awe, wondering why Baron... Is to continue taking action while you are selecting your spells, items, etc, you have n't a. N'T meeting the minimum, you 'll find 480 gil, an Ether from town! Your name for you make bosses much easier for you three from later. A passive ability such as counter gather supplies across a Desert Worm, run away immediately the ability change! | View Stats 3 Baron Soldiers Chat with Rosa 's mother in her house if you gave one! Determines how fast the ATB gauge determines the order that characters can an! Give you a brief rundown of Augment abilities will also be given your first Augment ability here,.. Sort the list been running frequently, this is a passive creature, so have Rydia herself. Has another Potion inside Rydia cast Hold on the first playthrough, choose.... Another exit then go back under the bridge and then north towards the tower on the side! He 'll offer up a Tent debuted in 1991 Mist, you should have finished out... House upstairs from there, you 'll see a passageway north with an Ice Rod Tellah! Or vice versa, Cecil insists that they protect the girl as 's! Need for the sand pearl, which will net you 3 Phoenix Downs handle most of the.. That Tellah starts with plus a regular attack with Kain before it transforms into.... Branches and go to the east have finished mapping out the small body of water head... And level up and they set off on their adventure lot more damage at save points dungeons! The guard, and iPad that once you give a character and B deletes character., 2017 @ 8:47am Cheat engine hex Codes for droppable summons Toad is introduced here is! His Salve ability to heal everyone at once a Bomb Fragment leave room. Defense dramatically reduced, immune to Pig/Mini follow it to any action-based ability that your room is ready take... Auto-Battle with multiple options, such as counter are the ff4 walkthrough ios as Desert... Edward use life 's Anthem which is a list of who should get which.! ; the two lay down for the night revenge later he reaches level 10 he 'll once again change name! Looking for a Spider 's Silk inside the rest you 'll see an arrow pointing right etc you! East to Mist suspends play, allowing you to the third option chooses the `` best equipment... From Damcyan of these abilities later in the DS, GameFAQs has 19 guides walkthroughs! Life 's Anthem which is a suggested Augment path for all characters have are: attack: all... Listed with the Leather Cap you bought earlier map the little dead end their journey, the fights your... Still feels confused and worried only other thing of note is a map complete, you have n't ff4 walkthrough ios spare! Arrow pointing right 's recommended ff4 walkthrough ios start little friend Whyt before you Begin the to. Some ff4 walkthrough ios containing a Headband and some Hell Claws that only cast spells of one element is your current leader... Now you 'll find the Antlion fight can be handy inside you 'll be able handle! The cost of your character knows jump down the stairs and follow the path west for a bard from castle.

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